[ardour-users] How to cut out segments in CD-arranged recording?

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Fri Dec 2 10:43:19 PST 2005

I need to do what seems like a very simple operation, but I'm completely confused - perhaps someone can help me and make my week!

I recorded about 73 minutes of audio that I recorded from a friend's show, and I intend to burn CDs of it.  I've got the levels where I want them, and I figured out how to divide up CD tracks using location markers and ranges, but I still have several gaps of dead time (between sets, recording punch ins & outs, etc) that I want to get rid of - permanent delete would be fine by me!  But I also want to retain my existing track divisions (since I did a nice job getting them right down to the opening beat), and at the moment the only thing I can figure out to do is copy and paste new regions and re-divide everything, which is a total pain.  What am I missing?  

To be totally clear, I'm exporting the audio as little-endian wav and using a TOC file built off the location markers to burn through cdrdao.  Thanks! 
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