[ardour-users] Ardour running on OSX 10.4.3

Neil Shaw neilshaw at mac.com
Thu Dec 1 09:32:52 PST 2005

I have just finished getting Ardour running on 10.4.3 (and it is  
running properly). However getting to this stage was non-trivial (and  
definitely not intuitive). By the way I'm running a Powerbook G4 1Ghz.

Here is what happened:

When I first installed Ardour along with Jack OSX, QJackctrl, and  
X11, I couldn't get Ardour to run by double clicking on the  
application icon. Eventually I got it running (sort of) by opening  
the Ardour.app package and dropping down to /Resources/bin/ardour and  
invoking the app at that point. However Ardour was a default gray  
colour and although the track window was present it was black  
therefore you couldn't see any wave forms in it. As well all of the  
widgets were in their default X11 mode which resulted in a main  
window that didn't function right at all.

After trying a whole lot of different voodoo tricks (all found on the  
ardour-users archives), none of which worked past the level of  
functionality that I had already experienced, I ended up doing a  
complete re-install of Tiger. Surprise !! now Ardour runs perfectly,  
very functional considering that it is still very Beta.

Here is the steps I took when I re-installed Tiger:

1) Clean Disk Install of Tiger 10.4.0
2) Installed X11 from the Tiger disk
3) Installed the latest versions of Jack OSX and QJackctrl (links are  
available from the Ardour download site)
4) Installed Ardour-0.99-tiger
5) Ran QJackctrl (configured to the specifications mentioned in the  
included ReadMe file)
6) Double clicked the Ardour icon and, voila ! Ardour was now running  
7) Shut Ardour down, cancelled the X11 session.
8) Activated the Software Update function and Updated all of the  
Apple based software to current versions. (Including Tiger up to 10.4.3)
9) Since QJackctrl had already been configured from the previous run  
(step 5) all I did this time was double click the Ardour icon and  
watched Ardour launch properly. Everything runs correctly.

Hope this helps

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