[ardour-users] Ardour running on OSX 10.4.3

Mark Casey reedman at reedmaninteractive.com
Mon Dec 5 14:04:17 PST 2005

Neil Shaw wrote an excellent install guide. Thanks very much for this, it
helped me track down my rookie mistake - I had mistaken XcodeTools for X11.

Under Neil's step 2: Installed X11 from the Tiger disk.

I would add this detail:

>From the Tiger Install Disk. Double click "Optional Installs", follow
instructions through Software License and Destination Disk. Open the
Applications directory, Select X11. Click Install.

Amazing what a difference actually installing X11 makes.

Hope this helps,


>After trying a whole lot of different voodoo tricks (all found on the
>ardour-users archives), none of which worked past the level of
>functionality that I had already experienced, I ended up doing a
>complete re-install of Tiger. Surprise !! now Ardour runs perfectly,
>very functional considering that it is still very Beta.

>Here is the steps I took when I re-installed Tiger:

>1) Clean Disk Install of Tiger 10.4.0
>2) Installed X11 from the Tiger disk
>3) Installed the latest versions of Jack OSX and QJackctrl (links are
>available from the Ardour download site)
>4) Installed Ardour-0.99-tiger
>5) Ran QJackctrl (configured to the specifications mentioned in the
>included ReadMe file)
>6) Double clicked the Ardour icon and, voila ! Ardour was now running
>7) Shut Ardour down, cancelled the X11 session.
>8) Activated the Software Update function and Updated all of the
>Apple based software to current versions. (Including Tiger up to 10.4.3)
>9) Since QJackctrl had already been configured from the previous run
>(step 5) all I did this time was double click the Ardour icon and
>watched Ardour launch properly. Everything runs correctly.

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