[ardour-users] Region "Bounce" Menu Item

Neil Klepeis lists at netsession.org
Wed Apr 27 13:51:09 PDT 2005

Thanks Gerard,

Now I see that files named, for example, Vocal-0-bounce-1.wav have been 
created in the "sounds" directory.  I just import them as a region and 
insert into a track.  But if the original file was single channel, then 
so is the new file, even though mono-to-stereo plugins may have been 


vanDongen/Gilcher wrote:
>>Does anyone know if this feature is actually supposed to be working yet?
>>  [It doesn't for me..]
> AFAIK, but I haven't tried recently, the first part works, but the replacing 
> the region part doesn't.
> So what happens is that a new audio file is created in the session's sounds 
> directory, but it is not in anyway intergrated into the session. Except that 
> is added to the session state file, so ardour complains if you move them to 
> somewhere else. 
> So basically it is sort of working but buggy.

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