[ardour-users] Automation and the BCF2000

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Apr 25 09:13:47 PDT 2005

Jesse Chappell wrote on Mon, 25-Apr-2005:

 >  > 3. In the Cubase template that comes with the BCF, the buttons assigned
 >  > to Home and FFWD (in the Ardour manual) are mapped to give an additional
 >  > page (if you will) of fader controls allowing a total of 16 tracks
 >  > surface controlled. Is there away to get Ardour to do this?
 > Nope, not yet.  This will come later when we do a good implementation
 > for control surfaces.
But a workaround until then, would be to setup another preset on
the BCF to handle tracks 9-16, and then just switch the preset.


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