[ardour-users] Automation and the BCF2000

Keith Smith kah.smith at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 25 09:00:35 PDT 2005

First of all thanks for the new BCF2000 chapter to the Ardour manual.
It's very well written, and a great addition to the manual.

I do have a few further questions though, and I'll apologize at the
beginning for the constant reference to Cubase -it's my only frame of
reference in these things.

1. In Cubase, connections for channel controls appear to be made
dynamically, based on the channel's position. Say you have 20 channels
(exceeding the number you can control with the BCF), and there are  3 or
4 (say tracks 17 -19) that you want to write gain envelopes for. You can
simply drag those channels to the top of the editor and they become
accessible as the first 3 faders on the BCF. Is there a way I can coax
Ardour to do this?

2. Is there a way to clear or reassign a single track/BCF control
connection? (In experimenting with this, I now have 2 track faders
connected to a single BCF fader -interesting method of grouping, but
hard to undo!)

3. In the Cubase template that comes with the BCF, the buttons assigned
to Home and FFWD (in the Ardour manual) are mapped to give an additional
page (if you will) of fader controls allowing a total of 16 tracks
surface controlled. Is there away to get Ardour to do this?

Keith Smith

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