[ardour-users] Region names in the region pane update spordaically when renaming a given region in the editor

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Apr 15 23:10:21 PDT 2005

>I'm running Ardour .9 beta 19 from the Fervent build. I've noticed that when I

somehow, you should really upgrade to at least 0.9beta28, though
beta29 will be out in the next day or two. see
http://ardour.org/news.php to see why.
>change the name of a region on a track in the editor, the name does not 
>immediatly change in the region list. I'm not sure what triggers a refresh of 
>the list. Is there something I need to do to refresh the list?

it won't change. the relationship between the regions in the region
list and the regions in actual tracks is rather complex. i will try to
document it in the online manual, but suffice it to say that the
region in the tracks is based upon the one in the region list but it
is not *the* one in the region list. to see why this is true, imagine
that you inserted two copies of the region into two different tracks,
and renamed one of them. what would happen?

>Also, is there a way that when I select a region on a track that the region in
>list will highlight so that it can easily be found in  a large play list?

its a planned feature for post-2.0. i know protools does this, and it
seems helpful.


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