[ardour-users] Basics, first questions

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Apr 11 15:09:48 PDT 2005

>As for the particulars of getting it running on OSX, I would imagine 
>Fink to be a good place to start getting the dependencies in order. I'm 
>pretty sure there's a couple OSXers on this list, otherwise search the 
>archives for their various successes and failures ;-)

We do not really want OSX users compiling ardour from source. Those
that do will basically be on their own. Our experience is that 90% of
Linux users have enough technical know-how to understand how to do
source builds and do not get frustrated when difficulties arise. The
number in the OSX community, which is still dominated by the "programs
are executables" vision of computing, is way different. Perhaps not
inverted, but it really isn't worth encouraging this behaviour. We
*will* build and distribute executable images for ardour, and they
will be regularly updated and receive the same level of attention as
the linux release.

If you *do* try compilation from source, DarwinPorts appears to be a
better place to get the various libraries and so forth, compared to


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