[ardour-users] Re: 9beta19 project import oddity

andy news4 at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Wed Sep 29 14:09:45 PDT 2004

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 15:50:13 -0500, Josh Karnes wrote:

> On projects I made with a previous version of Ardour, once imported into beta19 
> they have some strangeness.  Some of the tracks (most) have "two" outputs...  a 
> "1" and a "2".  They have two pan sliders.  Some don't.  What's up with this?
> This seems to be related to my problem of everything coming out of only one 
> side.  When one of my tracks was added to the connections to master (in this 
> case it was output "bass-1" connected to input "master-1" and output "bass-2" 
> connected to input "master-2", those being the two mysterious outputs from a 
> single track called "bass"), then all of the sound only came from the right 
> side.  If I deleted either "bass-1" from "master-1" or deleted "bass-2" from 
> "master-2", then sound comes from both speakers (1&2) but I could not hear the 
> bass track at all.  The track had a compressor (TAP Dynamics) plugin in it, and 
> I deleted the plugin and re-added it (with cut/paste), and all of the sudden 
> everything worked as normal....
> weird.
> not ready to file another bug.  Just want to get to work and not try and repro 
> this bug

I think there was a change in the config file format recently, so you've
probably fallen foul of that.


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