[ardour-users] 9beta19 project import oddity

Linium intent at netpratique.fr
Thu Sep 30 06:41:06 PDT 2004

On mardi 28 Septembre 2004 22:50, Josh Karnes wrote:
> On projects I made with a previous version of Ardour, once imported into
> beta19 they have some strangeness.  Some of the tracks (most) have "two"
> outputs...  a "1" and a "2".  They have two pan sliders.  Some don't. 
> What's up with this?
In your case:
Mono tracks should usually have one pan slider
Stereo tracks two
If a mono track has 2 pan sliders, there are various explanations:
	-you put a ladspa plugin (like a stereo panner) with stereo out
	-you put a send route with 2 outs 
	-you have mono plugins wich are doubled for no real reason.

Unfortunatly i had the last problem a lot, during my migrations. It seems that 
ardour doesn't check well when plugin should be doubled or not. 
If this happen you can check, in the xml file, the ladspa section for your 
route. Look if you see a mono plugin with count="2" . If it is a mono track 
it should be count="1" (please backup first changing anything)

> This seems to be related to my problem of everything coming out of only one
> side.  When one of my tracks was added to the connections to master (in
> this case it was output "bass-1" connected to input "master-1" and output
> "bass-2" connected to input "master-2", those being the two mysterious
> outputs from a single track called "bass"), then all of the sound only came
> from the right side.  If I deleted either "bass-1" from "master-1" or
> deleted "bass-2" from "master-2", then sound comes from both speakers (1&2)
> but I could not hear the bass track at all.  The track had a compressor
> (TAP Dynamics) plugin in it, and I deleted the plugin and re-added it (with
> cut/paste), and all of the sudden everything worked as normal....
> weird.
Probably a mismatch of number of in/out with you plugin and the nature of the 
track (mono/stereo). I had, a few times, some similar problems. A mono plugin 
was not doubled on a stereo track when it should. You can check as well the 
xml song for inconsitancies with the "count" parameter.

> not ready to file another bug.  Just want to get to work and not try and
> repro this bug.


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