[ardour-users] 9beta19 project import oddity

Linium intent at netpratique.fr
Thu Sep 30 07:39:15 PDT 2004

On mercredi 29 Septembre 2004 15:58, Josh Karnes wrote:

> ok...  I get that and actually looked into it, but really there are a ton
> of tracks that are mono tracks (I never recorded a stereo track) and have
> no plugins at all and have two pan sliders.  It's inconsistent too.  Some
> projects imported with all or nearly all of the existing tracks these weird
> two-slider mono tracks with no plugins, and some have only one or two
> tracks screwy in this way.
If there are no plugin, no route, no insert and still 2 pan sliders, it is 
really weird. Are you sure there is no two inputs ? Because this will change 
the pan sliders as well. 

> OK well thanks for the input, I'm going to go dig in to the xml files and
> see if I can clean it up that way.
> Also I might try adding my plugins manually in the xml files since I can't
> add/edit plugins without crashing beta19, but I seem to be able to cut and
> paste them between tracks ok.

Sometimes, when i open a plugin to edit, ardour freezes, but this is rare.
I don't know yet why it happens. If it happens everytime this is another 
story. May be a too slow computer or hd ? 

Good luck



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