[ardour-users] 9beta19 project import oddity

Linium intent at netpratique.fr
Thu Sep 30 09:13:19 PDT 2004

(i CC to ardour-user since it can be of interest for others)

On mercredi 29 Septembre 2004 16:52, Josh Karnes wrote:

> I will try and look into it further, but deleting the plugin does NOT
> change the number of sliders...  I guess it's some kind of import problem.
I observed that the change take effect only after saving/reloading.
Yep it's another confusion factor. Unless that fiddling with the number of 
inputs of the track (adding/removing an extra in on a mono for instance) 
updates effectivly the strip... 

> > Sometimes, when i open a plugin to edit, ardour freezes, but this is
> > rare. I don't know yet why it happens. If it happens everytime this is
> > another story. May be a too slow computer or hd ?
> Nah, my problem is actually a bug, and it's not adding or using plugins,
> but actually trying to open the edit window that crashes Ardour 100% of the
> time.  I have a fast (for Linux audio) computer and hard disk.  I can use
> effects no prob.  I just can't edit them.  Worked fine in an older version.
> New bug to beta19.

I use beta19 and not this problem so far, do you have numlock on ? Try it off. 
If you edit plugins with a key combination try to change it. Does it make the 
same with selecting then using the popup menu to edit plugins ?


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