[ardour-users] chunks?

Zachris Trolin zach-tro at dsv.su.se
Wed Sep 29 01:59:04 PDT 2004

tis 2004-09-28 klockan 23.19 skrev Aaron:
> Hi,
> I just joined the group and am starting to get the hang of Ardour.
> Thanks to the developers for a great program.

> Another question was if I must add effect to a track or can I add
> effects to an object.
> I have a lot of little pieces and it seems a bit of a waste to give them
> all seperate tracks inorder to add effects.

Just do as you would in a mixing board, or any other DAW(like Pro Tools)
create a aux track and put the effect as an insert or put the effect as
an insert in the track as it is, but this is less flexible. Then just
route and mix your tracks and effects. 

If you would like to use an abnormal amount of effect, and you haven't
got fast(is in processor) enough computer you can always record the
output of the effect"bus"/aux in a track and then take it from there,
thus trading flexibility for more processing power. 

I think it's a reasonable way of doing it, just compose groups of tracks
as you would like to have them, then "apply" the effects, i.e send audio
to the effect tracks. Then mix in any way you like, much effects, little
effects, automatized effects etc. If you arrange it smart it will
actually be very efficient and flexible which probably is the point -
how else would you create easy to work with automatized effects, how
else can you try out mixes without having to "render" everything over
and over again, only to waste time and disc space. 

Your other questions I can't answer. I too think regions, as they are
now, easily becomes a mess and have never found any way to use "chunks"
- inserting them never worked so I can only guess whatever they may be
used for :)  

Hope this helps/z

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