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oh now I remember why people like musicians

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> On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 19:26:14 -0500, Third Option
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> > > I'm using the same beta19 version. Due to recent information about
> > > Rosegarden not handling tempo changes, and probably not loop recording
> > > now that I think about it, I'm interested in once again trying to sync
> > > Pro Tools LE as a slave to Ardour.
> >
> > yes I did some stuff with rosegarden syncing to ardour and it really
> > work.  oh it thinks it did, but it is REALLY loose.
> If 'loose' means the timing is drifting around run to run or measure
> by measure then I'm really not hearing that. If loose means I hit one
> transport and the time all these apps start and stop isn't the same,
> then yes, I am hearing and seeing that just a bit.
> >
> > Also my version (beta18) of ardour does not handle tempo changes
either - it
> > thinks it can, but when it plays back, it has to stop and then start
> > to get going on the new tempo
> >
> I think that's fixed in beta 19. I've played with a lot of tempo
> changes in Ardour and Ardour does play without pausing. Also, QJC
> follows the tempo changes correctly in real time well as far as I can
> tell.
> One verifiable bug I have seen between Ardour, QJC and jack_showtime
> is that when you drag the red time line in Ardour and drop it at a new
> time neither QJC or jack_showtime have the right time. They are always
> one step behind, but they get in time when the Ardour transport starts
> rolling. Minor bug, but a bug none the less.
> As for RG, the developers do not follow remote tempo changes and,
> AFAICT, have no plans to follow remote tempo changes. They are
> focused, from recent conversations, more on real time display of
> notation while the transport is rolling. They apparently have issues
> about deciding what to do when a remote and local tempo change
> conflict with each other. Their answer was that you have to program
> tempo changes on both ends.
> It all seems a bit too difficult. Throw in the concept of loop
> recording and the mind boggles at really making it work well...

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