[ardour-users] MTC & MMC ...

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Tue Sep 21 07:51:13 PDT 2004

Russell Hanaghan wrote on Mon, 20-Sep-2004:

 > On Monday 20 September 2004 06:05 pm, Third Option wrote:
 > > This is my main goal in life
 > >
 > > Yes you can do it but it ain't perfect yet.
 > >
 > > Paul tells me that slaving Ardour to MTC works since beta17 - not
 > > perfectly, but it does it.  Another cat on here says he's been able to do
 > > that.  I haven't tested it since beta16 so I will be in a couple weeks
 > > (busy - sorry!

Note that 3rd option hasn't tested with the latest ardour.

 > But...this tells me what I really need to know...that I can't do what I want 
 > right now with Ardour. :(  

Whoa, hold it!  This conversation needs to be taken to ardour-dev
where all the devs can speak accurately about ardour's capabilities
now and in the future.  (I want Paul's backup... otherwise I'd
answer it myself).  Russell, can you frame your scenario in a
new message to ardour-dev?

 > I need SMPTE time code so that the song pointer tells slaved apps right where 
 > it is. I'm using Cakewalk Sonar XL as my seq. I need to be able to keep midi 
 > and audio wav in sync to the point that I have my best takes and I can 
 > mixdown in this way, keeping midi limited to a stereo mix but mixed none the 
 > less.

SMPTE would be pretty easy to add at this point, and its on the

to ardour-dev with this.....


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