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Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 05:36:54 PDT 2004

> Olah Senor Mark! :)
> I can get Rosegarden and Ardour synced thru Jack but that's not what I want.

I understood that, but it was something to talk about when I wrote
back. Ihave a lot of problems with RG also, but to be fair it has many
things that Pro Tools doesn't so that's impressive too.

> Rosegarden is getting better but it's SUCH a PAIN to import a midi, setup
> each and every channel each and everytime you load a new file...If they would
> just make a template so you could load say GM2 files that would allocate to
> their correct instruments, etc on the same midi device...Puhleeeze! I'm
> begging the Rosegarden peeple's.....Pluuuh...Leeeeeeeeze!!! {It's horrific to
> see a grown mmn beg really ain't it? }

Yep, but it happens. I was there a year ago. Drinking makes the
embarrasment more tolerable... ;-)

> >
> > As for your Sonar soft synth, are they VST? I'm impressed that I got
> > the full version of Battery running tonight under jack_fst. I've got a
> > couple of reverbs working, so there is some life there if you have the
> > stomach to go through getting that working on your end. On my side I'm
> > running about 8:1 don't work:do work, so I'm batting about .125 or so.
> > Not so good.
> In point of fact, Sonar is using DXi's but...I have jack_fst working on this
> machine...(After much hair loss, sleepless nights, deserting wife, dog and
> kids, flatulence, etc...) {Not reeelly flatulence but it seemed to fit for
> some reason! } and I have the vst version of the softsynth too...so, I ~can~
> have that working on my linux box...but that leads me back to bloody
> Rosegarden! I would use RG in a New York minute but for the pain of setting
> up each and every file from scratch. 


>Muse would be good but the last release
> is so buggy, I don't trust it at all right now.  I know the guys for Muse are
> working on it but it's not ready for me right now...
> I want Sooooooooo badly to migrate completely to Linux for all this stuff, but
> the sequencer stuff is still too glitchy and labor intensive.

MIDI will start coming for Ardour, probably sometime reasonably soon
after the 1.0 release. I'm pretty sure it's planned for 2.0. Stick
around and influence the way it works. As for my MIDI use I do pretty
much all my MIDI from scratch except with I'm playing around. I'm slow
and it all takes time so setting it up on any program is not usually
my problem. Actually getting it recorded or written is where I spend
my time...

> >
> > I'll follow this thread and try out whatever gets suggested between
> > Ardour and Pro Tools to see how it works.
> >
> > - Mark
> Just a side not on Ardour though...although I've been using it forever as a
> simple mixer interface for live fx, recently I've been cutting tracks for my
> own demo. It is working really well and it's flexibilty, along with JAMin,
> and the LADSPA plugs is outstanding!

Don't get me wrong. I'd be interested in using Pro Tools for MIDI with
Ardour for audio, if it was easy to sync the two. There are features
for doing this in Pro Tools. I've jsut never tried them. Time to do
so. I'd place most of the VST's in jack_vst and things would be

Take care,

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