[ardour-users] RME Hammerfall 9652

Dan Sawyer dsawyer at blenderwars.com
Tue Sep 14 01:03:10 PDT 2004

> > Ok, I now have it hooked up to an A/D converter,
> A/D or D/A?

Actually, it's a converter that goes both ways.  

> You need a D/A with either ADAT (like an AI-3) or s/pdif in, and then
> the analog out going to the monitors.

Yes, it does that

> Again - as I said earlier, alsamixer does NOT work with the HDSP 9652.
> Don't even try. You must use hdspmixer and hdspconf, or possibly
> aconnect command if you are a command line masocist.

Done - using hdspmixer exclusively

> Try this. Disconnect the D/A or A/D. Take a s/pdif cable and hook the
> output and input on the HDSP 9652 together. Route audio to the spdif
> outputs (25/26) and get audio displaying on the bottom row of meter.
> Now, do you see audio coming in on the top row of meters?

Yes, that appears to work properly.  And, as a result of doing that, I have 
figured out the magic to getting it to output.

One question further - it appears that I can only have one program running 
sound at a time - or at least only one program will pipe through at a time.  
If one program is using sound, others refuse to start/get errors opening the 
sound card.  This isn't an error I had with the consumer-level soundcards 
I've used before, is there a work-around or is this par for the course for 
the Hammerfall card?

Thanks for the valuable advice :)
-Dan Sawyer

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