[ardour-users] RME Hammerfall 9652

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Sun Sep 12 01:23:43 PDT 2004

we're talking about the HDSP 9652 right?  with lightpipe out for ADAT?

I have one.  I'll help.

first off, and excuse me if this is just too dumb for words, I just have to
make sure - you're using that RCA output to connect to a DIGITAL spdif input
right?  the HDSP 9652 doesn't have any analog output...

ok hit me back up on linux-audio-users if you would, or directly, since this
isn't really an Ardour issue, and there's a couple other dudes who know the
9652 on that list...

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> Hi, everybody
> A few months ago, after doing the best research I could on acquiring an
> compatible card for Linux, I settled on and bought an RME Hammerfall 9652.
> The card looks fabulous :)  I have installed it, and the appropriate ALSA
> drivers, et.al., have had no problems loading the drivers.
> Now I'm stuck.  Trying to get basic audio monitoring to work, I am running
> into a brick wall.  Here's what I have so far.
> I can start the HDSP mixer, and play a file in Kaffeine, and see the level
> meters active as the sound is played in the HDSPMixer window (the activity
> on playback channels 1 and 2, and on output channels A11 and A12.
> This is where I get stuck.  Obviously the thing is playing, and I have the
> outputs piped into some amplified speakers (have also tried routing it
into a
> receiver and mixer with monitor headphones via the same cables), but am
> getting no audible playback.  My suspicion is that the audio is not
> out to the proper port, but I'm at a loss as to how to route it properly.
> The ALSA mixer doesn't give me control over PCM and where it's routed (in
> fact, pulling up Kamix or Gamix results in a window with no volume control
> sliders whatsoever).
> Up to this point, I have contented myself with high-end consumer/mid-range
> prosumer audio setups, but am in a position now where I need this card to
> some serious mixing, but I just don't want to install Windows if I can
> it.  Any help at getting over this little hump would be vastly appreciated
> (that way I can move on to decipering Ardour :-)).
> Running ALSA 1.0.4, kernel 2.6.5
> Thanks in advance
> -Dan Sawyer
> ArtisticWhispers Productions
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