[ardour-users] Setting recording levels

CB ardour at crispin.cb-ss.net
Wed Oct 20 19:14:39 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 10:48, Doug McLain wrote:

> Input audio levels are handled outside of ardour, by the hardware mixer 
> for your device.  As was mentioned in another reply, use an alsa 
> hardware mixer like alsamixer, or whatever you prefer, to adjust the 
> line in CAPTURE level.  There is also a regular line-in PLAYBACK level 
> which doesnt apply here.  You should take some time and play around with 
> your hardware mixer.

Thanks, that clarifies matters. I've installed a better mixer app that
is doing nearly what I want now. Oddly, the input levels only seem to be
adjustable within a range (eg. I can only adjust the level so far down
with the mixer, not all the way to zero). But it's good enough for my
current purposes (testing, with a crappy soundcard).

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