[ardour-users] Setting recording levels

George Vergis g_vergis at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 16:21:41 PDT 2004

Start alsamixer from shell and check/set capture mic
level, mic boost. May be the Mic boost is on [+20db].
set it to the desired levels and see if that solves
the clipping.
--- CB <ardour at crispin.cb-ss.net> wrote:

> (Being a total newcomer to sound on linux, I can't
> be 100% sure if my
> problem is ardour-specific. If I am a bit OT here,
> apologies.)
> Where do you set recording levels for ardour? I'm
> getting some clipping
> when recording from a mike via my mixer. I can
> remove the clipping by
> turning my mixer output levels down, but that's just
> adding noise as I
> know there's no clipping happening pre-soundcard. 
> I did assume that the slider next to the vu on the
> ardour mixer strip
> adjusted recording levels, but it seems only to have
> an effect on
> playback. I've also played with the gnome 'Volume
> control' app, but none
> of the sliders there seem to change recording
> levels.
> (I'm running Ardour 0.529.3 on Fedora Core 2).
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