[ardour-users] Setting recording levels

CB ardour at crispin.cb-ss.net
Wed Oct 20 17:02:19 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 09:21, George Vergis wrote:
> Start alsamixer from shell and check/set capture mic
> level, mic boost. May be the Mic boost is on [+20db].
> set it to the desired levels and see if that solves
> the clipping.

Actually my mike is plugged into a physical mixer, and that feeds into
my soundcard's line in (ie. I'm not using the soundcard mike input).

I haven't been using alsamixer to date, but instead the gnome volume
control app. None of the sliders affect recording level -- I can push
every one to minimum and still get the same level (complete with
clipping). Is there a reason to use alsamixer instead?

Also, does anyone know where I might find out how all this works on
linux? It seems pretty unintuitive to me so far.

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