[ardour-users] linux audio talk over on tapeop.com board.

Tate Eskew tate at techtonic.net
Tue Nov 30 07:15:26 PST 2004

there is a thread open over at the tapeop.com messageboard where someone
wants to know the virtues of using linux as an audio platform.  i thought
it might be cool if paul or jesse or taybin or anyone else heavily
involved in ardour would stop by there and make a few posts to open some

the tapeop community is a group of recording engineers/musicians that go
by the DIY ethos of recording.  i think this would be a good place to get
some users involved in the linux audio community.  i've made a post there,
as has dave phillips.

anyone else want to join in??

here is the link to the thread:

hope to see some of you there.


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