[ardour-users] Midi synchronization, again :-)

Avelino Herrera avelinoherrera at hotpop.com
Tue Nov 30 03:16:33 PST 2004

Hi, all. I have added these midi devices to the ardour.rc file:

  <MIDI-port tag="hw:0" device="/dev/snd/midiC1D0" type="alsa/raw" mode="duplex"/>
  <MIDI-port tag="hw:1" device="/dev/snd/midiC1D1" type="alsa/raw" mode="duplex"/>
  <MIDI-port tag="seq" device="ardour" type="alsa/sequencer" mode="duplex"/>

After Ardour starts i have started Seq24 (My favorite MIDI sequencer ;-) 
) and it can see the "seq" new midi alsa sequencer as a MIDI clock 
source. If i use the hardware midi input as a midi clock source inSeq24 
and i use my external synthesizer rack, the Seq24 synchronizes perfectly 
with the rack, but when i use the "seq" device (Ardour) as the midi 
clock, the Seq24 ignores the Ardour play, record, et cétera actions and 
do not sync. What happens? How can i synchronize the Seq24 with the 
Ardour or viceversa? Thanks in advance.

Avelino Herrera

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