[ardour-users] Re: keybindings and easter eggs

Dan Harper tech at danharper.org
Sun Nov 14 16:16:48 PST 2004

Hi ardour-fans,

I've put these keyboard shortcuts into a brief cheat sheet, available


It is likely to be wildly inaccurate, but I've tried to create and edit
it according to the input from Derek and Gerard.  Although I did have
some trouble interpreting some of Gerard's changes, maybe you could
check over it Gerard and make sure it's OK.

Paul,  if this encroaches on your documentation plans and you'd prefer I
put my time into something more constructive, please let me know.


On Sat, 2004-11-13 at 22:50 +0000, vanDongen/Gilcher wrote:
> On Saturday 13 November 2004 12:43, derek holzer wrote:
> > Dear Ardourites,
> > What follows is an untested list from my notes yesterday. Feel free to
> > correct and add to it. I use square brackets to indicate keys.
> >
> > -------------------------------
> >
> some corrections, sorry I wasn't clear on some of the modifier+click combo's:
> Make sure to check your ardour.rc for the bindings you have for your version 
> of ardour.
> Also some additions I forgot to mention :)

Dan Harper

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