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vanDongen/Gilcher gml at xs4all.nl
Sat Nov 13 14:50:29 PST 2004

On Saturday 13 November 2004 12:43, derek holzer wrote:
> Dear Ardourites,

> What follows is an untested list from my notes yesterday. Feel free to
> correct and add to it. I use square brackets to indicate keys.
> -------------------------------

some corrections, sorry I wasn't clear on some of the modifier+click combo's:
Make sure to check your ardour.rc for the bindings you have for your version 
of ardour.
Also some additions I forgot to mention :)

> [left arrow] / [right arrow]: moves between track markers
> [ctrl] + [a]: move to beginning
from the ardour.rc:

      <binding keys="a" action="align-regions-sync-relative"/>
      <binding keys="Meta-a" action="align-regions-sync"/>
      <binding keys="Meta-Ctrl-a" action="align-regions-end"/>
      <binding keys="Ctrl-A" action="align-regions-start-relative"/>

The last one conflicts with the definition giving earlier in the ardour.rc
 which is the one you mention and is the one that works.

> [ctrl] + [n]: move to end

That is [ctrl]+[e]

> [ctrl] + mouse trim: moves waveform inside of region
> [crtl] + drag: makes a copy of the region
> [ctrl] + middle click: zoom to whole session

No, ctrl middle click zooms to session in Zoom mode:

> [select] + [s]: split

No , just putting the cursor above a where you want to split and pressing [s]
should split it.And select it. but sometimes you need to select it first.

> [select] + [a]: align to edithead (relative w/ mult. regions)

[a] alligns selected regions, yes. 
So not those underneath your the pointer.
Something is to be said for making it do : select the region under the pointer 
and then allign that. [shift] [a] would then add the region under the pointer 
to the selection and then do relative allign.

BTW all alligning is done to the editcursor.

> mouse point + [p]: position playhead
> mouse point + [e]: position edithead
> left click in trim bar: point trim from left
> right click in trim bar: point trim from right

That should be middle click. There is also still a bug with this, that it also 
toggles the mute state.

> middle click in region: mutes region (w/o indication on the mute button!!!)
That is indicated in the region-editor, and of course the mute-button is 
trackwide muting not region specific muting.

There is also:
[shift][middle-click] : raise region
[shift][alt][middle-click] : lower region

Not to mention:

[ctrl[[alt] drag: start rubber band select, regardless of position of the 
pointer, so you can start a rubberband inside a region or on another dragable 

> [meta] + drag region: time constrained vertical move between tracks

in general [meta] will do a x-constrained drag (things will stay at the same 
[shift]-[meta] will do a y-constrained drag, things will stay at the same 
"height", usefull for automation points f.i. 

> right click: more options

Always, and everywhere in ardour, right click will bring up a context menu 
with pretty much all that you can do with the clicked object.
If options are missing they or non functional, they probably should be 
reported as bugs .
> [shift] + range: multiple ranges
> [ctrl] + drag automation: moves (selected) automation (b/tw tracks?)
[ctrl]+drag an automation point will move all the automation from the dragged 
point onwards by the same delta-x as the point you are dragging.
huh? I hear you say....

You cannot drag a-points across its neighbours. 
With ctrl pressed, you move the entire "curve" to the right of your point with 
the point. This way you can move/shape segments of automation "curves"
For a good understanding of the problems of automation editing, it is 
important to realize that what you see as a curve/line is just a collection 
of time ordered control-points. The lines give a hint of the shape, but does 
not match ardours interpolation.
Basically gain and panning is using a band-limited form of cubic interpolation 
and is sample accurate.
Effect automation is interpolated lineairly at a granularity of your jack 
period size. 
How the plugin deals with this is the plugins problem. :)

Actually this entire area needs improvement as the developers are well aware 

There is also in range mode:
[middleclick] in another track than the one that the current range is in, will 
move that range to that track.

[ctrl]+ drag selected_range: move range 
[alt] + click/drag seperate selection ( I am not sure of this one, I am not on 
my ardour machine right now, I will check soon)

> [ctrl] + drag loop: moves (selected) loops points together
> [meta] + drag automation: time constrained level adjustment
> [shift] + [meta] + drag automation: level constrained time adjustment

These last two are for object mode.
In range mode you can only make ranges , but you can make ranges of automation 
data, and you can cut/copy/paste them.
The pasting is still flaky though. You have to make sure that the automation 
track you want to paste into is selected.
This is true for all copy/paste operation in range mode. Paste will only paste 
into selected tracks.

> [ctrl] + drag: move automation envelope (?)
> drag select: show control points

No, editing the region gain points is just like editing the automation control 

> Thanks Paul and Gerard!
> I am sure I forgot some, or that Paul and Gerard also forgot some ;-)

I hope this clears thing up some more. There are some more that I have 
forgotten. There are also bindings for the mouse wheel. I  don't have one so 
I am ignorant of them.

For those with c/c++ knowledge, browsing through gtk_ardour/editor_mouse.cc 
will show what is involved and what is there for the [modifier][click] 

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