[ardour-users] keybindings and easter eggs

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Sat Nov 13 05:49:20 PST 2004

derek holzer wrote:

> Yesterday I sat in a great demo/workshop from Paul Davis and Gerard 
> van Dongen at the DEAF Festival in Rotterdam. One of the best bits of 
> information I got out of it were the various keybinding Easter eggs 
> which may or may not be documented in the "ardour.rc". I think it 
> would be good to make a complete "cheatsheet" of these various 
> commands, because I can imagine that even experienced users aren't 
> aware of all of them, espc the undocumented ones.

I keep just such a list close by when working with Ardour. You can also 
run 'ardour -b' at the command prompt to see a list of keybindings.

Don't forget this one: Ctrl-middle-click on any fader (mixer strip, 
plugin) to assign a MIDI controller to it... (I don't think that one's 
documented yet)...



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