[ardour-users] keybindings and easter eggs

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Sat Nov 13 04:43:32 PST 2004

Dear Ardourites,

Yesterday I sat in a great demo/workshop from Paul Davis and Gerard van 
Dongen at the DEAF Festival in Rotterdam. One of the best bits of 
information I got out of it were the various keybinding Easter eggs 
which may or may not be documented in the "ardour.rc". I think it would 
be good to make a complete "cheatsheet" of these various commands, 
because I can imagine that even experienced users aren't aware of all of 
them, espc the undocumented ones.

What follows is an untested list from my notes yesterday. Feel free to 
correct and add to it. I use square brackets to indicate keys.



[left arrow] / [right arrow]: moves between track markers
[ctrl] + [a]: move to beginning
[ctrl] + [n]: move to end


[ctrl] + mouse trim: moves waveform inside of region
[crtl] + drag: makes a copy of the region
[ctrl] + middle click: zoom to whole session
[select] + [s]: split
[select] + [a]: align to edithead (relative w/ mult. regions)
mouse point + [p]: position playhead
mouse point + [e]: position edithead
left click in trim bar: point trim from left
right click in trim bar: point trim from right
middle click in region: mutes region (w/o indication on the mute button!!!)
[meta] + drag region: time constrained vertical move between tracks


right click: more options
[shift] + range: multiple ranges
[ctrl] + drag automation: moves (selected) automation (b/tw tracks?)
[ctrl] + drag loop: moves (selected) loops points together
[meta] + drag automation: time constrained level adjustment
[shift] + [meta] + drag automation: level constrained time adjustment


[ctrl] + drag: move automation envelope (?)
drag select: show control points


Thanks Paul and Gerard!

I am sure I forgot some, or that Paul and Gerard also forgot some ;-)
Also, there are some keypad bindings which I didn't write down.
Of course, there are more in ardour.rc, but it would be good to have 
them all in one place. Some WIKKI somewhere, maybe?


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