[ardour-users] (Partly) Ardour-produced tune out 11.11

Johannes M Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Thu Nov 11 15:32:00 PST 2004

Wolfgang Woehl wrote:

>Johannes M Ringheim <jri at broadpark.no>:
>>Wolfgang Woehl wrote:
>Although I don't drive I realize that they stopped building cars where 
>you can hear the engine from inside. Or the road you're blasting along 
>on. In a modern car you can't hear anything from the outside.
He! Is it me being a bad explainer or you joking? Of course I meant the 
car stereo, wich you are free to copy the music over to, unlike much 
other music ,)

>Little while ago I heard something about a task-force or whatever they 
>call that at BMW and DaimlerChrysler that's supposed to acquire 
>"musical content" that fits their line of products. How things go today 
>they'll probably start to *develop* musical content as well. I wonder 
>what that will sound like. You keep track of those things?
Most interesting! Will check that out!

Anyway, the new tune is out now, and you can grab it at 
websamba.com/ringheimsauto or via my site at 
ringheimsauto.1go.dk/index_en.html . "Q" is the one I used ardour for 
recording and editing the scratches.


-johannes ringheim,
 ringheims auto.

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