[ardour-users] (Partly) Ardour-produced tune out 11.11

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu Nov 11 08:59:59 PST 2004

Johannes M Ringheim <jri at broadpark.no>:
> Wolfgang Woehl wrote:
> >Are you referring to those things with 5 wheels that people use to
> > get from A to B and back after a little while? Tell us some more
> > about the concept.
> Yeah, that's it! Hehe!
> I've written "Here we serve products and parts for your car, for the
> time being only tunes and mixtapes, wich you are free to copy and
> play in your car." on my website. I also believe that a car driving
> is a very well suited envoirement for listening and observing music,
> much better than fx. most parties with drunk people everywhere. They
> can enjoy music also, of course, but for me and my music I think the
> car is one of the best places.

Although I don't drive I realize that they stopped building cars where 
you can hear the engine from inside. Or the road you're blasting along 
on. In a modern car you can't hear anything from the outside.

Being the scared caveman I am I always want to kind of relate what I 
hear to how much I am in danger. And sitting in a car that goes 160 
km/hour I see things that don't relate to what I hear =8\ But that's 
just me I suppose.

Little while ago I heard something about a task-force or whatever they 
call that at BMW and DaimlerChrysler that's supposed to acquire 
"musical content" that fits their line of products. How things go today 
they'll probably start to *develop* musical content as well. I wonder 
what that will sound like. You keep track of those things?

> Hope this list is OK for posting tunes in wich Ardour has been a
> helpful tool. You can also check another tune on my website already
> posted ("Max Roach"), but that was made before I knew what Ardour is.

I like it. It's soothing and someone says "hello" in norwegian? Nice, 
thank you.

> Hope to see you tomorrow at the party ,)

Please drive carefully.

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