[ardour-users] (Partly) Ardour-produced tune out 11.11

Johannes M Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Wed Nov 10 00:29:29 PST 2004

Wolfgang Woehl wrote:

>Are you referring to those things with 5 wheels that people use to get 
>from A to B and back after a little while? Tell us some more about the 
Yeah, that's it! Hehe!

I've written "Here we serve products and parts for your car, for the 
time being only tunes and mixtapes, wich you are free to copy and play 
in your car." on my website. I also believe that a car driving is a very 
well suited envoirement for listening and observing music, much better 
than fx. most parties with drunk people everywhere. They can enjoy music 
also, of course, but for me and my music I think the car is one of the 
best places.

Hope this list is OK for posting tunes in wich Ardour has been a helpful 
tool. You can also check another tune on my website already posted ("Max 
Roach"), but that was made before I knew what Ardour is.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the party ,)

-johannes ringheim,
 "grendameister auto",
 ringheims auto,

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