[ardour-users] More Ardour problems...

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Mon May 31 18:39:44 PDT 2004

Are these known issues?

1.  If you open a session, work on it, then save it, choose "Session->Close", 
then try and open another session, Ardour exits (crashes)

2.  If you have a track with two "takes" (say, a punch in) that overlap, and you 
select the second one, then when you click on the start edge to try and move it, 
it actually moves the end of the first take instead of the beginning of the 
selected take.  Alternately, when you select the first take and try and move the 
end of the take, it moves the end from the second take.  Seems it is working 
with the wrong range/whatever/take (whatever Ardour terminology).

3.  Well I got Ardour to totally crash the X server.  The sequence that did it 
was select an overlapping range (like in #2 above), try and move the start 
marker (which doesn't work, actually moves the end marker on the first take), 
press Ctrl+Z (undo) and quickly try and do it again...  cursor freezes, HD spins 
for a while, eventually X server restarts (or at least gdm restarts).

4.  If you create a directory say /home/foo and then start Ardour, try and 
create a new project called "foo" in the directory /home/ (where there already 
exists a "foo" directory, which I guess Ardour wants to create), then when you 
push the "Create" button, it does not create the new project, but it does create 
the Sounds, Dead Sounds, etc. directories in the "foo" directory.  However 
Ardour becomes nonfunctional and then if you try again to create a project "foo" 
in the /home/ directory Ardour gives an error and refuses to create a project. 
Workaround seems to be to tell Ardour that the directory is /home/foo and then 
let it create the /home/foo/foo directory, then move the contents of 
/home/foo/foo to /home/foo...  I ran upon this by trying to work with project 
directories that already contained some sound files (aka "import").

FWIW since I am running as root and running Jack with -R there are virtually 
zero xruns and performance has been great, never been above 12% CPU load in 
Ardour on Gnome 2.0/FC1.  However Ardour is not very stable imho.

Also, how do you find the version of Ardour?  The "About" does not say...  I 
installed it from a ccrma rpm from about two months ago but dunno whether I have 
the "not stable" later version (post beta11) or not.

Are these known issues?

Something tells me I need to open a Mantis account and begin logging bugs.  I 
guess I have a talent for finding them.
Josh Karnes


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