[ardour-users] More Ardour problems...

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon May 31 20:26:49 PDT 2004

Josh Karnes wrote on Mon, 31-May-2004:

 > Are these known issues?
Yes, many of which are likely fixed in the latest CVS, but I encourage
you to check out the Mantis database to see what's still there.  

 > Also, how do you find the version of Ardour?  The "About" does not say...  I 
 > installed it from a ccrma rpm from about two months ago but dunno whether I have 
 > the "not stable" later version (post beta11) or not.

The About does state two numeric version #s that look like 0.xxx.0,
this is the internal versioning and is useful to us ardour devs.
It sounds you like you have been using the release named 0.9beta11
from ccrma, which is the most stable for production use at the
moment, until we get the kinks ironed out of the most recent CVS
(which has *much* improved functionality).
 > Something tells me I need to open a Mantis account and begin logging bugs.  I 
 > guess I have a talent for finding them.
It doesn't take much talent to find them :)  Unfortunately, since
so much has changed since 0.9beta11, bug reports found using it
aren't of much use.  If you really want to help the cause, upgrade
to the most recent CVS snapshot.... but i would suggest waiting
about a week to do that.... don't ask why :/


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