[ardour-users] VST?

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sat May 29 22:31:52 PDT 2004

Hi Josh,

--- Josh Karnes <jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com> wrote:
> Did I read correctly that 0.9beta12+ has "initial"
> support for win32 VST plugins 
> native in Ardour?
> That would be a dream come true!!
I think there's two VST solutions that enable you to
use VST Instruments as jackd clients. I haven't used
either and don't know anything abut them. 
> FWIW I spent all day today tracking in Ardour and it
> worked sorta fine...  I got 
> into several funky states that required a reboot of
> Ardour, it didn't seem to 
> like creating new sessions in directories that
> already existed, and also it 
> seems to crash if I close one session and then open
> another without exiting the 
> program and restarting Jack...  other than that
> though, thank God it didn't 
> crash during any actual tracking, and everything
> worked pretty much like it's 
> supposed to!

This is a great time to become a proactive user if you
are able to. Ardour is in a feature freeze in order to
fix bugs and release a 1.0 stable. If you can, please
do get a mantis account going and file bug reports.

During the last few weeks there's been a great deal of
focus on identifying and fixing bugs. Most of the
communication is happening in IRC on channel #ardour
and one of the freenode.net servers. I use

Talk to you soon,

> Josh Karnes
> http://www.krashjones.com
> http://www.prophetsandpoets.com
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