[ardour-users] Hardware for Linux

lee lee at fallingforward.net
Tue May 25 20:33:08 PDT 2004

derek holzer wrote:

> Jørn Villesen Christensen wrote:
>> So what you are saying, is that i would either have to a) Give up my  
>> favorite OS and install M$ Windows? or b) Give up the idea of a 
>> portable  studio and buy a desktop?
> Neither. I suggested the option which I chose: use Linux plus a high 
> end, PCMCIA soundcard [RME HDSP] for your mobile studio needs.
> But budgets may vary. I've fought with quite a few people's USB 
> soundcards [espc Midiman!], so I am a bit wary of a USB solution. Maybe 
> others on this list have had more positive USB experiences. [???]

I have an EMI 2|6 . It has very stable OSS drivers but not much else. 
The ALSA usb-audio driver functions but each application has it's own 
unexpected disfunctions with it.


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