[ardour-users] import/export projects

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Tue May 25 11:22:00 PDT 2004

Well, I'm back again, trying to run Ardour...

FWIW I had a hard disk meltdown and ended up having to buy a new hard drive and 
many other pieces of hardware, then got Win98SE back up and running with Nuendo...

So now with an abundance of spare hard disk space, I'll try Adour+Linux again.

How do I export & import files?  In other words, I want to open some projects 
that I made in Nuendo, so what format do I need to export those to in order for 
them to work in Ardour?  I'd like to keep things like tempo, etc., intact but 
these are just "scratch" tracks, so I don't have a lot of track syncing to do.

Josh Karnes


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