[ardour-users] Hardware for Linux

Jørn Villesen Christensen news at mettle.dk
Thu May 20 07:45:05 PDT 2004

Hi Derek

On Thu, 20 May 2004 16:25:15 +0200, derek holzer <derek at x-i.net> wrote:

> Hi Jørn
> Jørn Villesen Christensen wrote:
>> I'm looking for an external audio interface with 4-8 inputs and outputs,
>> and with some midi.
>> Interface if prefered USB2.0, but firewire may also be ok.
>>  I have been loking on
>> http://www.edirol.com/products/info/ua1000.html
>> http://www.edirol.com/products/info/fa101.html
>> http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=products.main&ID=5f35def5b4107998b11119907053a313
> You didn't say if it was for a laptop or not [although I assume it  
> is....]

You assumed correct.

> USB audio for Linux, despite the existance of the usb-audio drivers in  
> ALSA, is still very sketchy. Check the archves of alsa-user list to see  
> how many issues with USB cards come up. I think firewire is even less  
> stable. If you can afford it, you might consider something from RME,  
> like the Hammerfall HDSP, which uses a special cardbus interface. [Of  
> ocurse, this card also has its own kinds of special tricks to get it  
> working...]
> If it's a desktop, then you have lots of options with PCI-card  
> solutions, so I wouldn't even look at USB in this case...
> best,
> d.

So what you are saying, is that i would either have to a) Give up my  
favorite OS and install M$ Windows? or b) Give up the idea of a portable  
studio and buy a desktop?


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