[ardour-users] motu support

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Sun Mar 28 00:37:09 PST 2004

söndagen den 28 mars 2004 00.14 skrev Aaron Phillips:
> thanks Robert,
> That's quite unfortunate about Motu's stance on linux support... and
> yes, that's a firewire interface which is exactly why I was interested.
> I want to go back and forth from laptop to desktop.. so I guess I'll be
> thinking along the lines of RME cardbus/multiface as I was before.  The
> motu seemed like a good value for the features, oh well.

Indeed it does. However, there are a bunch of other interfaces on the market 
with similar spec and price, so there are alternatives...
Too bad firewire support is so lacking in Linux right now...


> -Aaron
> Robert Jonsson wrote:
> >Hi Aaron,
> >
> >The 828mkII is a firewire interface right?
> >
> >Last I heard MotU where almost hostile towards supporting Linux, I'd
> > suggest you look at someone elses interfaces.
> >Unfortunately firewire is very badly supported as of yet, so you'd either
> > have to wait or look for some other solution. If you want lots of I/O you
> > are probably looking at either an RME interface or an envy24 based
> > interface (there are lots of makers of these in different priceranges)
> >
> >/Robert
> >
> >lördagen den 27 mars 2004 16.01 skrev Aaron Phillips:
> >>Does anyone use Motu hardware with Ardour?  I'm considering the motu
> >>828mkII, but I don't know if it has jack support or not.  I'd like to
> >>also get some opinions about quality if you have them.
> >>Thanks much,
> >>Aaron
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