[ardour-dev] Re: [ardour-users] Recording volume problem

Ross Vandegrift ross at willow.seitz.com
Tue Mar 23 07:05:26 PST 2004

On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 08:41:17AM -0600, Geoffrey Wossum wrote:
> There also seemed to be a very slight delay between the two streams I was 
> hearing, which is why I think it was two streams being played rather than it 

I'll have to listen tonight for a second delayed stream - I definitely
didn't hear this last night.

> One other thing I noticed that may be important.  Previous to trying this 
> version, I only heard input channels when I had their record status enabled.  
> But now I hear all input channels, all the time, regardless of their record 
> enable state!

In the version I'm using 0.9beta9.1, you still need to have a track
rec-enabled to hear it via software monitoring and for Ardour to meter
it.  I seem to recall a CVS update a few weeks ago that changed this and
enabled the behaviour you're seeing.  But I'm still on the older

Ross Vandegrift
ross at willow.seitz.com

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