[ardour-users] Recording volume problem

Carl Seleborg carl.seleborg at ifrance.com
Tue Mar 23 06:15:05 PST 2004

Ross Vandegrift wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>	Was doing some tracking last night, and realized I've got a bit
>of a problem that I don't normally notice.  The problem is one of
I had the same kind of trouble a few weeks ago : I was recording my 
digital piano playing back a previously recorded MIDI file, setting the 
level of my hardware mixer so that the max amplitude would be between -1 
and 0 for the whole song, according to Ardour's peak meter. Once the 
level was OK, I hit record, then exported (downsampling from 48 to 44.1 
kHz) to wav file, burning it on CDROM. But then, the level turned out to 
be really low (had to turn the volume knob of my stereo real high).

Does anyone know if Ardour can have something to do with it?


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