[ardour-users] Recording volume problem

Ross Vandegrift ross at willow.seitz.com
Tue Mar 23 06:05:24 PST 2004

Hello everyone,

	Was doing some tracking last night, and realized I've got a bit
of a problem that I don't normally notice.  The problem is one of

	I usually add tracks and setup routes, arm the needed tracks,
and then work the levels on my soundcard and preamps to get things
right.  Once they're in a right-ish spot, I'll hit record and do the

	When doing an overdub, the level of the track being recorded is
a whole lot lower than when Ardour is sitting idle, metering input.
After the overdub is taken, I can play it back, and it's at the level I
expected.  So the take is good - it was just freakin hard to hear it
when I was playing!

	I'm using software mixing/monitoring, JACK 0.91.1 with
capabilities, and Ardour 0.9beta9.1.  No LADSPA plugins while recording,
but all outputs are going to a stereo bus for playback.  I'm only at
five tracks, counting the overdub I did last night.

Ross Vandegrift
ross at willow.seitz.com

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