[ardour-users] Potential user Ardour questions

Joseph Dell'Orfano fullgo at dellorfano.net
Sun Mar 21 17:57:19 PST 2004

I am also using 1010-LT without an outboard mixer. I am using the
hardware monitoring feature, which seems to work nicely. I do have to
use the alsamixer (gamix) to set the 1010-LT to use the hardware monitor
properly. Once this is set, I have to choose HW monitoring in the Ardour
options editor. I also find that software monitoring needs to be set as
well. This seems to work well with effective zero latency, which allows
me to set my jack up to 1024 in order to avoid any xruns.

Is there a way to leave HW monitoring on by default in Ardour?


-Joe Dell'Orfano

On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 19:29, Josh Karnes wrote:
> lee at fallingforward.net wrote:
> > I have a 1010-LT without a hardware mixer. I use Ardour as the mixer. 
> Aha!
> So...  how seamless is this?  Is it like you would use a regular mixer, which is 
> that you can record simultaneously on ALL channels and monitor on whichever 
> available outputs you would like (monitoring both input [with the HW-supported 
> zero-latency] and the playback)?
> About my addiction to a VST compressor...  I have used a bunch of VST 
> compressors, and a bunch of DX compressors, all the way from the mega-pricey 
> Waves Audio & TC stuff down to the free, functional and no-frills MDA limiter 
> and channel compressor, and the dynamics plugins supplied with Nuendo and also 
> with Vegas, and pretty much everything in between.  There is exactly one 
> compressor plugin that I think is worth using, it's "Blockfish" and it's VST. 
> Adjustable from transparent to colored and everywhere in between, and just a joy 
> to use, sounds exceptional, better than any hardware compressor I have used.
> IMHO all of the other ones were pretty much useless.
> I guess "Magneto" qualifies as a compressor plugin, and so does "Ruby Tube", 
> both VST and both add some very mild, transparent limiting and compression (and 
> harmonic distortion too if you push them hard), and I have used them and they 
> are useful (more Ruby Tube than Magneto).
> Anyway, that's just to say, I am not sure that it's going to be easy for me to 
> abandon Blockfish and get with any of the number of available LADSPA plugins. 
> How easy is it to port a VST plugin to LADSPA, assuming the source is available? 
>   Blockfish is a special thing, not just a random compressor.  Class by itself.
> You guys suggest Gentoo linux distro?  I may download it today, give it a try.

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