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lee at fallingforward.net lee at fallingforward.net
Sun Mar 21 10:39:07 PST 2004

I have a 1010-LT without a hardware mixer. I use Ardour as the mixer. The
card's internal mixer has 0 latency monitoring for recording. I can safely
get JACK down to 11ms which is only noticable if I'm playing drums through
an effects chain, and monitoring the wet signal.

As for plugins, if you're stuck on VST you pretty much have to stick with
all that entails, which is using commercial software. I'm not in too deep
politically, but I have read a few threads on mailing lists where OSS
authors have approched Steinberg about including the VST SDK in their open
source apps and Steinberg was less than interested. In fact, Audacity, a
simpler multitrack app for Linux/Win/OS X had to go to great lengths to
keep VST support for the commercial platforms since some GPL library
authors forbade their code be included with binary-only VST enabled

I think if you are willing to experiemnt a little, and play with the huge
amount of availabe LADSPA plugins that come with the Gentoo Linux
distribution you'll find some pretty advanced stuff in there. You might
even find something that'll compare to your favorite VST compressor.


Sat, 20 Mar 2004, Josh Karnes wrote:

> Jesse Chappell wrote:
> > Everyone is always focused on low latency, when it really isn't
> > what everyone needs....  ignore me if you have good reasons for
> > wanting it.  This was just a public service announcement :)
> Well, the need for low latency for me is just in case there is no near-zero
> latency way of monitoring incoming tracks.  Remember, I'm trying to do this
> WITHOUT a hardware mixer.  So, if with the Delta 1010 I can make use of the
> 1010's built in "direct monitoring" feature, and Ardour supports latency
> compensation (which I believe it does), then it's not an issue.
> The VST thing is the kicker for me, I think, since I am highly addicted to a
> Windows-VST compressor plugin.  However, this plugin is said to work with the
> wine & vstserver implementation.
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