[ardour-users] Potential user Ardour questions

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Sun Mar 21 16:29:32 PST 2004

lee at fallingforward.net wrote:

> I have a 1010-LT without a hardware mixer. I use Ardour as the mixer. 


So...  how seamless is this?  Is it like you would use a regular mixer, which is 
that you can record simultaneously on ALL channels and monitor on whichever 
available outputs you would like (monitoring both input [with the HW-supported 
zero-latency] and the playback)?

About my addiction to a VST compressor...  I have used a bunch of VST 
compressors, and a bunch of DX compressors, all the way from the mega-pricey 
Waves Audio & TC stuff down to the free, functional and no-frills MDA limiter 
and channel compressor, and the dynamics plugins supplied with Nuendo and also 
with Vegas, and pretty much everything in between.  There is exactly one 
compressor plugin that I think is worth using, it's "Blockfish" and it's VST. 
Adjustable from transparent to colored and everywhere in between, and just a joy 
to use, sounds exceptional, better than any hardware compressor I have used.

IMHO all of the other ones were pretty much useless.

I guess "Magneto" qualifies as a compressor plugin, and so does "Ruby Tube", 
both VST and both add some very mild, transparent limiting and compression (and 
harmonic distortion too if you push them hard), and I have used them and they 
are useful (more Ruby Tube than Magneto).

Anyway, that's just to say, I am not sure that it's going to be easy for me to 
abandon Blockfish and get with any of the number of available LADSPA plugins. 
How easy is it to port a VST plugin to LADSPA, assuming the source is available? 
  Blockfish is a special thing, not just a random compressor.  Class by itself.

You guys suggest Gentoo linux distro?  I may download it today, give it a try.

Josh Karnes


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