[ardour-users] What kernel are you running?

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Thu Mar 18 08:31:12 PST 2004

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 00:03, John Mifsud wrote:
> I found the 2.6 kernel series useable with ardour from 2.6.0-test2 and it
> was a lot less hassle with alsa compiles, it's on 2.6.2 now. My workstation
> was (was!! - a lightning strike through the modem cable that I forgot to
> unplug )-:  a AMD Duron 1100, via chipset 1.5 Gb of memory and a delta
> 1010lt, on RedHat 8, recorded to 6 channels at 44 no problem on ardour/jack
> of various versions. I suspect I could have got it to 8 channels but never
> got the chance to find out - besides the machine was at the limit of it's
> upgrades.
> My current workstation is a 2.8 P4 Gigabyte mother board with 2 Gb ram
> running dual channel. The ICH5 controller seems to be problematic with
> 2.6.3 (would not boot), so I have stuck with 2.6.2 until those issues are
> resolved (and I save enough for some SATA drives).
> Just thought I'd mention (reading about people having memory problems) that
> there was a serious memory issue with kernel versions previous to 2.4.25
> and 2.6.3 that were apparent under load and handling large files - these
> issues were mentioned in performance tuning guides - and cause the machine
> to swap instead of releasing memory making machines sluggish under load. My
> database server at work was recently bitten with this problem and it's
> niggling to track down unless you are aware of it (which I was because I
> was tuning my DAW for ardour).
> In comparison to 2.4, I find the 2.6 kernel more responsive on the user
> interface and just easier to set-up. I had to replace the modutils and make
> a few mods to the startup scripts in rc.d to get things to work properly
> but other than that 2.6 is definitely a step forward. The only issue I have
> is that RedHat 8 (or 9) isn't really prepared for 2.6 kernel - and I'm not
> sure what other distributions are except Fedora core 2 which is my next
> scheduled O.S upgrade (when it is released).

Just installed MDK 10.0 RC1 w/2.6.2. Got Jackd to fire up but in non
root mode, although jackd seems to be running, Ardour (beta 11.2)
complains that it cannot connect to Jack client. I set up tmpfs...is
this needed on 2.6? Also, I run Jack once from Qjackctl. If I stop it, I
cant run it again. Should the temp files placed in /tmp be deleted after
jack quits? I was almost sure this was what was happening on MDK 9.2.

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