[ardour-users] What kernel are you running?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Thu Mar 18 07:39:51 PST 2004

John Mifsud wrote on Thu, 18-Mar-2004:

 > My current workstation is a 2.8 P4 Gigabyte mother board with 2 Gb ram
 > running dual channel. The ICH5 controller seems to be problematic with
 > 2.6.3 (would not boot), so I have stuck with 2.6.2 until those issues are
 > resolved (and I save enough for some SATA drives).
Just curious, i just ran into a similar problem booting with the
the ICH5 (and SATA) with gentoo install CD (late 2.4.x), with a hyperthreading
enabled P4.  Had to boot with the SMP kernel to get past the lockup
at the ICH5 probing step.  Probably completely unrelated, but
I thought I'd pass it on.


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