[ardour-users] Recording music

Markus Pfeifer mek at mequito.org
Sun Mar 14 14:05:03 PST 2004

> In the mixer window, on each track strip, there is an INPUT button.  If
> you click on this a menu will pop up.  You can either select an input
> (in1, in2) or edit the inputs.  You can then rec enable the track (rec)
> button, press the master rec enable button in the transport control
> (editor window) and then press play.  Hope this helps.

thank you this helped. At least I found that part, but I am stuck again. I 
don't have any idea what alsa_pcm:capture_1 is. That is what appears in 
this window as the input channel. So I looked at alsamixer and put the 
"capture"-bar to 100%, as I thought that could be related, but when I 
play something on the keyboard nothing changes.
So I looked at the output configuration, and there is alsa_pcm:playback_1
This is all cryptic to me.
I am a UNIX/Linux engineer since many years, but feel like a real newbie 
on this subject. I've never been into audio hardware, that might be the 
issue here.


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