[ardour-users] good system...but crackling in audio?

Anthony avan at uwm.edu
Sun Jun 13 19:02:55 PDT 2004

* Jeremy M. Booth <bq20 at comcast.net> [Jun 13 04 19:59]:
> really?  What do you mean by a "lot" of network activity...running an

Sustained downloading only. Again, I have no idea if your crackling is
my crackling of course. Its a quiet noise signal but a persistant, well umm
crackling. Its an ASUS board dual athlon-mp, 3com controller. It didn't
used to happen, my suspicions are I either moved the cards when cleaning
a while back or it occurred with a kernel upgrade. BTW, have you 
tried recording it? My noise can not be recorded, i.e. if I playback
a recording of a noisy signal on my other card it sounds fine. 

It was such a pain to diagnose, I felt sure it was my external gear
or a bad DAC. But its absolutely related to network traffic, 100%


> instant messaging client, or a download, or a remote X session?  What
> kind of system are you running? What network devices?  The "crackling" I
> get sounds like clipping, but according to the meters I have some
> headroom to spare.  I'm beginning to think it might be a summing issue
> or the metering isn't fast enough to show some fast transients that
> could be clipping.
> On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 19:05, Anthony wrote:
> > I'm not sure what you mean by crackling, but I get distortion
> > on my delta when there is a lot of network activity.
> > 
> > --ant

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