[ardour-users] how to add send effects

Tom Szilagyi st444 at hszk.bme.hu
Sat Jun 12 10:48:21 PDT 2004

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 05:03:10PM +0200, derek holzer wrote:
> Jan Depner wrote:


Errm... yes, sorry i forgot to mention, but there was a denormal bug
as well in the reverb, which is not yet corrected in any release, only
in CVS.  I'm planning to do a new release in about two weeks, but
until then, would you hardcore testers try the CVS version? :) There
are instructions on getting the TAP-plugins sources from cvs at the
project homepage (http://tap-plugins.sf.net). I am dying to get these
nasty bugs all fixed.

Sorry for this inconvenience, but this plugin tricks me all times. :)


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