[ardour-users] Re: Ardour and similar app questions?

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sat Jul 10 07:42:30 PDT 2004

Bob Smith wrote:
> I am wondering several things:
> 1. Can I send questions about Ardour here or do you have a more 
> appropriate address for that?
> 2. I know Ardour is not a MIDI sequencer but I understand that it can be 
> a MTC master as well as slave to a MTC device.  Can you please confirm 
> that.  As well, can it send or be a MIDI clock master and/or be 
> (receive) a MIDI clock slave?
> 3.  Again, Ardour is not a MIDI sequencer but can you get it to work 
> with one?  If so, can you recommend one or two or...
> 4. Again, again Ardour is not at present a MIDI sequencer but there are 
> plans to add this functionality in the future according to the 
> Ardour.org WEBsite.  Are you aware of a time-line for this?
> 5. I obviously need a multi-tracker that is ideally MIDI capable as well 
> (for linux).  Can you recommend such a app. (I am looking for sw. which 
> is capable of Automation - do you know if Rosegarden can do autmation?)?

I don't have access to midi hardware ATM. I know it can sync to some 
clients quite well and the support is getting better all teh time. There 
are plans to add midi tracking capabilites but it will be after version 
1 is released.

Other people on the ardour users list have more info.

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