[ardour-users] Roland U-8

Bill Clark billc10453 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jul 10 09:45:59 PDT 2004

Ha anyone successfully attached a Roland U-8, if so
could you tell me how. I've got as far as having
Ardour working with a cheap PCI sound card under
planet ccrma kernel and it looks great, just cant
figure out how to get the U-8 working. Just a pointer
would suffice, have tried the instructions from planet
ccrma and alsa.org but no success. Need to be able to
understand all the various config files, module naming
etc... It's a shame it's so difficult, no musician I
know would ever be able to get a system working. I'll
be happy to do some documentation if I find out whats
what.... Thanks in advance..

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